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Coming at ya Like a Shot Gun Blast to your Soul are 4 Veteran Musicians who still have the Old School Attitude & Struggles to express- Antagonizers ATL

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Album Review: Antagonizers ATL – ‘Working Class Street Punk’

Album Review: Antagonizers ATL – ‘Working Class Street Punk’

10:43 am October 24, 2016

Antagonizers ATL
Working Class Street Punk
(Pirates Press/Longshot)

Sometimes, a name and title tell you everything you need to know. However, these Atlanta punks aren’t just blistering punk rock, Oi! And rock’n’roll, but also embrace soul influences amid a fury of guitar solos and memorable sing-alongs. Through years of touring and 7″ releases the band have honed their sound, resulting in a tight and fiery listen that draws comparisons to the early days of Rancid and Social Distortion. There’s a classic old school feel and fist-pumping energy here that’s both valiant and exciting.