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In the Studio- with Joe Queer (Hold your Ground Sessions)

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Review- New Noise Magazine
“The songs are angry, hard driven tunes with thin, crisp production. Harnessing the band’s live energy, the production approach is minimal. No fancy knob twisting would improve these songs. No filters or effects, just allowing the individuals play their asses off. The listener definitely feels The Antagonizers’ rocking in unison, not separately tracked, to unleash the impact of standing in front of The Antagonizers drenched in sweat and beer.”
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Dallas, Tx- USA. Dec, 2012


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L to R- Eric, Richard, Bohdan, Billy

ANTAGONIZERS ATL are a four-piece Atlanta-based street punk/rock ‘n roll outfit that have been taking the unsuspecting scene by storm. The band is laced with veteran musicians from such bands as (but not limited to) Anti-Heros, Condemned 84, The Glory, A.P.A., HR and 90’s punk band The Breakaways, just to name a few. They’re holding no punches in and are delivering top-notch hits, catchy tunes and energetic performances that blend well with national and international acts.

The music itself has dimension that ranges from gritty early rock ‘n roll to punk overtones with catchy harmonic Social Distortion- and Rancid-type back-ups utilizing all members. One thing is for sure: the music was obviously written for the fans, as they seem to sing along even if they don’t know the words.

Antagonizers ATL have either as a whole or as members in other bands toured or played with the likes of Rancid, The Pietasters, Agnostic Front, Murphy’s Law, Vibrators, The Business, Tiger Army, Street Dogs, Sloppy Seconds and many other punk, hardcore, rockabilly, ska and rock ‘n roll bands.

Bohdan Zacharyj – vocals
Bohdan sang in 90’s NYC Oi! outfit Vibram 94 w/release on England’s Helen of Oi! Records.

Richard “McDick” Henderson – guitar/vocals
Richard played guitar in 90’s Oi! outfit No Holds Barred and Radio Nowhere, and also played guitar in A.P.A. w/releases on TKO Records.

Billy Fields – bass/vocals
An Atlanta staple musician who played keyboards for and toured with HR.

Eric Antell – drums/vocals
Played drums in early Atlanta punk band The Breakaways as well as in Radio Nowhere.